Zechariah’s prophecy

The central theme of Zechariah’s prophecy is God’s temple. Acknowledge this theme and the book is much easier to understand. Also, to understand this book, you must realize that the prophecy in it is dual. It was delivered to ancient Judah at the time of the construction of the second temple; however, God’s message through Zechariah could not be understood until our time—today!

Matt.{14:58} We heard him say, I will destroy this temple that is made with hands, and within three days I will build another made without hands.

God is working out His great master plan. That plan involves both the world and the Church. When we look at the plan of God operating in our day, we must realize that the events happening within God’s temple—the Church—are more important to God than events happening within the world. God’s main concern right now is with His Church, the people who are striving and struggling to do God’s Work and enter into His Family. Zechariah’s prophecy does deal with the destruction of Israel, but the book’s prophecies have more to do with building character than with destruction. This prophecy reveals that in this end time, some of God’s people are failing to build the character that God wants them to build! Are we building godly character in our lives? Zechariah holds a crucial message for all of God’s true Church today.

In chapter one, we are introduced to the Angel of Lord, who intercedes on the behalf Jerusalem and Judah (1:12). The people of the land are called to repent and not imitate the ways of the their forefathers who the Lord rejected from the land. In chapter one we see the Lord’s intervention against the Gentile powers, the nations, who scatter the inhabitants of Jerusalem, God however intervenes sending His carpenters (craftsmen) against the nations, who oppose His people.

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