The “Lost” Ten Tribes

However, and here is the crucial point that most seem to overlook: The northern ten tribes never returned from their captivity! Settled in an area hundreds of miles from where the Jews were taken more than a century later, the ten tribes of Israel remained completely separate and distinct from the Jews.

What happened to the ten tribes of Israel? History has called them the “lost ten tribes.” Where did they go? The answer to that question is one of history’s most fascinating stories. In fact, the answer to that mystery is the actual key that unlocks most of the Old Testament prophecies! As you may guess, the identity and location of these ancient peoples reveals who we are in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand and among the British-descended peoples of South Africa.

It explains why we have achieved such national greatness, and what will happen to us near the end of this present age! The knowledge of the identity of the descendants of ancient Israel is revealed by a close examination of Scripture together with the record of secular history. The most highly educated leaders of our modern world are blind to the true facts of this matter. They are blinded by the theory of evolution into completely discounting the Bible as relevant for today. As a result, they fail to see the amazing story laid out in Scripture and its relevance for our future.Most religious claim to acknowledge the Bible as their authority are blinded by the prejudices of denominational tradition. But it is not just a question of ancient history! Your future, your family’s future,as well as the future of your nation hangs on the answer! Where are the “lost ten tribes” of Israel today? As we shall see, this lost master key to unlocking Bible prophecy has been found!

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