“Understanding the Fruit of God’s Leading”

“Fruit is a circumstance given to us by God that we can directly interpret as His leading. Fruit is not God’s direct”
“voice but His indirect voice. We cannot walk by fruit alone but must wait for Him to speak inwardly. But if God is leading you to any major decision in life, rest assured that there will be much fruit from Him.”
“Fruit may fall into various categories, such as providence or the loss of it, open or closed doors, and a variety of negative or positive circumstances. By “fruit” we really mean to say the circumstances of life that are pushing or pulling you in a certain direction. Not all fruit is from God, and you are not meant to go in every direction toward which you are pushed.”
“Just as we hear God’s voice inwardly and must discern whether He or something else is speaking, we also need to discern God’s voice in fruit. No matter how God’s voice is conveyed to us, we must discern that it is God speaking so that our faith is in God’s word.”
“Now, by fruit we can discern God’s direction almost prophetically. Fruit appears before God gives you an open door to walk through. It can appear a few weeks to a few months before a change of season in life. There is a first fruit, which is usually a red flag to pay attention. These “first fruits” may fizzle out and become nothing. We cannot draw a conclusion until we have several fruits. Just because there’s an apple on the ground by a tree doesn’t make that tree an apple tree. That fruit may have rolled a distance from another tree. But if fruit starts falling in clusters from that tree, it is evident what type of tree it is.”
“There will always be several circumstances that will lead you to a conclusion. For example, a good job may begin having unfavorable circumstances that make you want to leave. These are merely the first fruits. This is the time to pray for God’s direction, not to act. If circumstances appear to be driving you out of your job, then God may be telling you that you’re about to leave. But always wait for His voice before stepping forward. If you don’t have any fruit to leave, then chances are that God is not calling you to leave. Fruits make you aware of God’s direction and approximate timing.”
“The fruits of God’s leading are also perceived in the Scriptures, such as when David was being persecuted by King Saul. On a couple of occasions, Saul tried to kill David at his own table. Before these circumstances happened, Saul “eyed him up” and watched him carefully since the day people chanted, “Saul has slain his thousands and David his tens of thousands.” His negative reaction to the statement was a first fruit. Later David was driven out by the spear. Then God’s will was finally confirmed when Saul tried to kill his own son Jonathan.”
“The story of David’s persecution and life in hiding is a perfect example of how a believer should walk daily, in regard to fruit and inquiring of the Lord for direction. But ultimately God will speak to you before it’s time to step out. Obviously, if you’re under a life-threatening situation as David was, then God is already telling you to get out of harm’s way. Be sober when discerning God’s fruit. There are exceptions to the rules. Otherwise, ordinarily we must wait for Him to speak and then step out in faith in His word.”
“When we open our eyes to the leading of God and pray for understanding, we see how He is leading us through the circumstances of life. Now, much like fruit, not every open door is a door from God. Also, not every closed door is permanently shut.”
“A door, to be specific, is a direct invitation to move from one season of life to the next. An example would be if you think you’re supposed to leave your job and you just received a new job offer that’s guaranteed. That new job offer is an open door.”
“But not every door is meant to be walked through. Like fruit, not every door is from God. Also, each door can be a test. Therefore, pray for direction before stepping from one open door to another. Know that God is leading you before you enter into a new room of life.”

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