“Our own heart will never line up perfectly with the word unless our heart is lined up with the Spirit. Satan”
“will also use the Scriptures to deceive us. He will use a large portion of truth and insert a single lie. Many kings of old were killed by food that was 99-percent wholesome and one-percent poison. Knowing this, we must come to a perfect understanding of the Scriptures. Jesus rebutted the tempter through a biblical statement that contradicted the false doctrine Satan was attempting to use.”
“By understanding the one true doctrine, we can perfectly resist the enemy. When Satan sneaks in to lead us astray, attempting to deceive us that “God wants this or that,” a full understanding of the Bible is our best defense. Hence, knowing the word helps us to discern the voice of God—to know whether the Lord is speaking or not.”
“Creating a firm foundation on the Scriptures augments our understanding of the active leading of God. As we rely on the Holy Spirit, He leads us through the Scriptures and teaches us from the pages. In this we need to learn the full cycle of God’s word. The Scriptures help us to understand God’s voice as His voice interprets the Scriptures to us. By this, we can grow in hearing and understanding the word of God.”
“A few more things that can help us hear God more clearly are continuing in His Spirit throughout the day, every day; reading His word and growing in it daily; being faithful to obey immediately when we have heard; continually listening while practicing obedience; and drawing nearer to God in a relationship with Him because we”
“love Him.”

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